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Creating a REST API with Node.js (Getting Started)

Data Structures in JavaScript: Binary Search Trees

This week, I’m going to do a quick implementation of a binary search tree in JavaScript. This first version features a simple add method in order to insert items into the data structure. I will look into other methods (search, delete…) some other time.

Data Structures in JavaScript: (Singly) Linked List

Linked Lists vs. Arrays

Closures in JavaScript

According to YDKJS, closure is everywhere in JavaScript, and you just need to learn to recognize it.

Data Structures in JavaScript: Queue

Just like a stack, a queue is a linear data structure. The difference is that whereas a stack utilizes “last in, first out” operations (LIFO), a queue operates according to a “first in, first out” pattern (FIFO). This is very much like a line at a deli, where the first customer in line gets served first.